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Posted by on Feb 3, 2017 in Loan Accounts News, Press Room

BFS Social Case Window

BFS Social Case Window

(The Philippine Star)

Armando Camacho and his account specialist, shows off the title to his home which he was able to secure through BFS, the mortgage servicer of about 52,000 delinquent loans from the National Home Mortgage Finance Corp.  Camacho and his wife applied for BFS Social Case Window program for seriously disadvantaged borrowers since he is financially dependent on his children and needs to prioritize his diabetic wife’s maintenance medicine. BFS has resolved more than 35,000 accounts, thereby providing legitimate homeownership to more than 175,000 Filipinos and committing further to offering Balikatan borrowers with different financial options to avoid foreclosure. These include basing resolution amounts on current appraised values instead of outstanding principal balance, and partial condonation of penalties and interest.

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