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BFS is a pioneering multi-national mortgage servicing platform that combines functional competencies in Mortgage Finance Origination and Credit Underwriting, Loan Servicing, Default Management, Property Management and Sales and Secondary Market Development.

As a comprehensive business proposition covering the entire mortgage servicing life cycle, BFS has specifically addressed the following Key Success Areas:

  • A management team of seasoned professionals, fully knowledgeable and equipped with broad experience in portfolio management

  • Development of and adherence to best-practice policies, controls and procedure

  • Development and implementation of best-practice servicing methodologies in the areas of:

    • Mortgage Loan Origination and Underwriting for a better Credit Culture

    • Loan Servicing and

    • Default Management

  • Development of a secondary market for mortgage paper underwritten and serviced to internationally-rated standards

  • Using specialized and efficient technology applied to manage the processing of a high volume of information, ensuring a high degree of transactional efficiency and integrity

  • Entering into strategic partnerships with like-minded professional entities

A first mover in this industry, BFS adheres to international standards and best practices that are customized for local market conditions.  The company employs customized programs and strategies, systems-driven processes and procedures, and end-to-end automation including virtual foldering, a centralized database, and data warehousing.

Global Asset Management Fund

BFS was established in 2005 by an institutional investment fund managed by a leading global fund manager (together, the Fund).  The Fund specializes in real estate and infrastructure investments, managing more than US$62 billion in assets and operating asset management platforms worldwide.  BFS is the Fund's asset management and servicing arm for its investments in the Philippines.


The Fund invests across the entire risk spectrum, from  core investments covering income-producing assets to opportunistic investments involving property development.  The Fund’s asset management platforms cover the spectrum from primary servicing to  value-added management through re-positioning, rehabilitation, and financial engineering of real estate assets.  Throughout its long history managing real estate assets globally, the Fund has acquired specialized skills which it transfers to each operating company for standardized, international best asset management practices.  The Fund leverages the intimate local knowledge gained from its investments to customize global best practices for the specific investment and operating conditions of each market.

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