BFS helps couple secure homes

(PJ Tonight) Shirley Sedurifa, joined by her husband and her BFS account specialist, holds the title to the property that she finally was able to own, thanks to BFS, the mortgage servicer of 52,000 delinquent loans from the National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation.  Sedurifa recently lost her job and could not find any way to pay off the loan for her home as she has to prioritize providing for her three children.  The BFS account specialist assigned to Sedurifa show her the correct steps to finally obtain her title.  BFS has resolved more than 35,000 accounts, thereby providing legitimate homeownership to more than 175,000 Filipinos and committing further to offer Balikatan borrowers different financial options to avoid foreclosure.  These include basing resolution amounts on current appraised values instead of outstanding principal balance, and partially condoning of penalties and...

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PAST DUE BALIKATAN LOANS Why do I need to resolve with BFS? The LMA contract I signed was for 25 years; why do I have to resolve now? The National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation (NHMFC) sold your account to Balikatan in 2005. NHMFC sent a Notice to Assignment to all borrowers, with advice that only Balikatan’s mortgage servicer, BFS, is authorized to transact with you. The LMA contract states that the payments were to be made in regular monthly installments over 25 years. The payments were not made regularly and the loan is now delinquent. It is in your interest that the loan be resolved now in order to own your home and avoid foreclosure. Delaying resolution also increases the settlement amount due to increased foreclosure costs. Can I have my account returned to NHMFC? I have payments with NHMFC, where are they? Can I just continue the monthly amortizations I paid with NHMFC? Your account cannot be returned to the NHMFC. Your payments with the NHMFC were applied to your settlement amount. If you believe there are payments which you made and were not credited, please reconcile with the NHMFC. Until proven otherwise, BFS will use the NHMFC...