BFS is a hero in Bataan

BFS is the pioneering mortgage company in the Philippines which aims to settle mortgages which have been overdue for more than 20 years. It services over 52 thousand delinquent loans from the National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation, of which almost 40 thousand have been resolved.
BFS Account Specialists manage their own portfolios of accounts, negotiating daily to find proper customized settlement options for their clients.
The Home Saver Offer program is designed to find the most optimal settlement amount for each account. With large discounts and condonation of interest and penalties, the program has allowed thousands of BFS clients to resolve their accounts and obtain legal homeownership over the properties they have occupied for decades.
This is the case in Bataan where many borrowers have been able to pay off their obligation. Constantly worried that they would lose their tenancy, these Bataan residents sought the help of family and friends to consolidate enough funds to settle their accounts. Whether widowed or with a limited income, borrowers were able to come to an agreement with their Account Specialists, even if settlement amounts were lower than what were offered by the Home Saver Offer. The full payment of the loans guaranteed each client full ownership of the property with no further obligation.
These Bataan residents see BFS as their hero.

Author: maryrosepagelazon

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